Hi! My name is Mojo and I am a crazy person! I’ve decided to try and complete all the achievements in The Sims 4. So I’ve created a whole world with 10 different challenge running simultaneously. Should be pretty interesting! I hope you decide to come along for the ride!

The 10 Challenges:

  1. The Legendary Perfect Genetics Legacy
  2. The Name Game Challenge
  3. The Board Game Challenge
  4. The My Sims Legacy
  5. Differences In The Family Tree
  6. The EPIC Challenge
  7. The Not-So-Berry Legacy Challenge
  8. The Whimacy
  9. The Lifestyle Legacy
  10. The Random Legacy

Each challenge or legacy will have it’s own individual blog site so that I don’t run out of space too quickly lol. This site will serve as the landing page for all the challenges.

Now, with that out of the way, strap in for the ride and wish me luck!

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